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JUVENILE is a film driven by youth perspectives. The film focuses on the personal stories of five young people who contemplate their pathways into the system, the impact of their justice involvement, and their personal journeys of trauma and healing.


Shimaine is from Georgia, and her pathway into the juvenile system was through the foster care pipeline. Now 21 years old, she works as a Regional Impact Liason for the Multi-Agency Alliance for Children where she supports and advocates for foster care alumni in South Georgia.

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Ja'Vaune is from Illinois, and his pipeline into the system started when he became a young survivor of sexual abuse. Now 22, he lives and works in Rockford, and in 2018, he was appointed by the Governor of Illinois to serve as a Juvenile Justice Commissioner on their State Advisory Group.

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Romeo is from Brooklyn, and his experiences of violence in the home and on the streets lead him into the system. Now 23, Romeo is a graduate of The New School’s Institute for Transformational Mentorship (ITM) in New York City. He works as a credible messenger with ITM and as a counselor and mentor to children whose parents are incarcerated.

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Ariel is from the South Bay in California, and her experiences of homelessness and domestic violence precipitated her contact with the system. Now 18, Ariel is a full-time student at San Mateo College, where she works at the on-campus Multicultural and Dream Center advocating for students who've experienced homelessness.

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Michael is from rural Missouri, and his contact with the system resulted from his experience with mental illness and drug use. Now 23, Michael works at a granary in central Missouri, and he and his wife recently celebrated the birth of a baby girl. Along with Ja'Vaune, Michael serves on the Annie E. Casey Foundation's national Juvenile Justice Youth Advisory Council.

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