Hernan Carvente Martinez

Film Advisor


Carvente Martinez manages the Youth First Youth Leaders Network, which provides young emerging leaders with the training and tools to lead the fight against youth incarceration. Previously, he served as a Program Analyst for the Center on Youth Justice at the Vera Institute of Justice. He has served on state-appointed boards including the New York State Juvenile Justice Advisory Group and the Citizens Policy and Complaint Review Council, as National Youth Chair for the National Youth Committee of the Coalition for Juvenile Justice, and as an advisor to the National Academies of Science and the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Utilizing his personal experience, Carvente Martinez trains policymakers, researchers, students, and professionals in probation, child welfare, juvenile justice and corrections on ending youth incarceration and moving toward more holistic, community-based, trauma-informed programs for young people. He was awarded the “Spirit of Youth Award” by Coalition for Juvenile Justice and the “Next Generation Champion for Change” award by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and he is a 2018 Just Leadership USA Fellow. He is a first-generation Mexican-American and the first male in his family to graduate from college, earning a degree in Criminal Justice from John Jay College. In his Advisor role on JUVENILE, Carvente Martinez will provide guidance and feedback to the directors as we shape the story, in particular, regarding current issues facing youth today (he is 26 years old), connecting us with youth leaders to serve as experts in the film, and keeping us honest in our approach to sharing different points of view. He has also participated in an expert interview for the film.