Sarah Fleming

Co-Director, Producer, Director of Photography


Fleming has served as producer, director, director of photography, or assistant director on 70+ films, music videos, and experimental pieces. Her company Cat and Fish specializes in storytelling through film, art, and technology. Award-winning films include (as producer and cinematographer) feature doc GOOD GRIEF (2017), and (as director) shorts VIOLA (2015), CARBIKE (2014), and TRAINING WHEELS (2011). She received the “Indie Award” (Indie Memphis, 2016) for her contribution to independent filmmaking in Memphis. Her artwork FISH (2016) garnered much praise: “Fish” is the most magical thing I have seen in Memphis probably ever… the gallery-filling work evinces a powerful sense of collaborative imagination, talent, and, perhaps above all, coordination.” She is co-founder of Memphis Women in Film, and Team Electron, a music video collective based in New York, Los Angeles, and Memphis. JUVENILE will be her first feature as director.