JUVENILE is a feature-length documentary that shares the perspectives of youth who have been involved in justice systems across the country.


Juvenile film 

Five young people contemplate how their involvement in the justice system has shaped and altered the course of their lives. Their stories anchor an exploration of juvenile justice, where expert perspectives, research, and animations reveal deep complexities in the system. A crash-course on what’s next in justice reform, JUVENILE explores how youth-led movements are using brain science, constitutional rights, and “smart on crime” economics to disrupt the cradle to prison pipeline.

We are seeking individuals with lived experience to provide authentic perspectives as experts in this film. If you would like to be considered as an expert, please complete this form.

the  juvenile  project

The Juvenile Project provides a forum for sharing the stories of the young people, parents, and advocates whom we’ve interviewed during our research & pre-production phase of the feature film JUVENILE.

We developed this website to facilitate access to these interviews in their entirety, so they could become part of the public discourse about juvenile justice in our country. We hope that you take the time to listen and learn from the personal experiences of those who have been directly involved in these systems in various jurisdictions and states.

We have intentionally left the audio interviews un-edited, to create transparency both to the full voice of each speaker and their stories as they spoke them, and also to our questions, which reveal our underlying assumptions and evolving perspectives as interviewers.

We recognize, honor, and deeply appreciate the fact that sharing stories of trauma can be traumatizing in itself. Each teller whose stories are represented here has entrusted their voice to this platform with remarkable bravery, and we are deeply grateful to every participant.


Community Partners


Cat + Fish and True Story Pictures serve as the lead production partners on this project, which is made possible with support from Just City, the Shelby County Public Defenders Office, and the National Juvenile Defender Center.